Financial Services

The global financial services industry witnessed revolutionary changes in all possible forms due to great recession and related after affects. Due to new environment of tight regulations and market perception banks are re-looking at their existing strategies and re-evaluating their business models and trying to build efficiency in systems and processes.

Kubex Technologies, with lot of experience in financial services helps their clients implementing new initiatives related to efficiency/ process improvements and regulatory compliance.

Get in tough with us

Government – Federal, State, Local

Government agencies – Federal, State, County and Local, have been working to improve and develop their technology footprint which is essential for them to be able to meet ever growing demand of transparency and connectivity to people and improving their process efficiencies. In the age shrinking budgets and pressure to reduce cost of IT operations agencies have been looking at cloud computing, virtualization, shared services and use of Commercial-Off-the-Shelf products.

Robust service delivery model of Kubex Technologies will help agencies with cost reductions in IT operations at the same time improving quality. ​


Kubex Technologies is cognizant of compliance needs of health care data where security of ‘Protected Health Information’ stands core of any IT initiative(s).

Healthcare industry always been characterized by abundance of information flow, complex set of federal, state and local regulations controlling how data is managed and transmitted, but last decade has been the most trans-formative in terms of increased usage of Information Technology in all facets of health care facilities.


Public Utilities

Kubex Technologies utility clients count on our solutions to provide a broad scope of analytic and predictive capabilities that help control costs while reducing failures and downtime across sites and assets.

kubex Technologies has deep experience in Grid Analytics, Customer Analytics, Energy Forecasting, Revenue Assurance and Energy Risk Management.

Digital media solutions

Kubex Technologies digital media consulting experience helps media companies, publishers and advertisers bridge the gaps between their data, analytics and reporting. We deliver solutions that enable behavioral targeting, relevant content delivery and strategic insights that allow clients to capitalize on new opportunities.